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Learn to program additional resources

Here are the additional resources I mentioned today that might help you learn to program:

Remember too to check out Yahoo! Pipes if you’re interested in pulling together data from multiple sites. I’ve also fixed the broken link on the overlay features in Google Earth that will let you overlay historical maps (especially Rumsey maps) in Google Earth.

We are meeting in Innovation 223 on Thursday November 29th and Thursday December 6th.

More on photo verification, other links

Here are the links I mentioned today to those articles by Alexis Madrigal in The Atlantic about verifying Superstorm Sandy photos shared on social networks:

Other links mentioned in class:

Remember, every Thursday from now on we’ll be meeting in Innovation 222.

Google Group, blog timestamps

You should have received an email invitation to join the class Google Group at!forum/hist390-002. Please join if you’d like the ability to ask (and maybe answer) questions of one another, even “What did I miss in class last Tuesday?” and the like.

Also, if you’ve noticed that the timestamps on your blog are wrong, that’s because by default they’re all set to Greenwich Mean Time. Go to Settings –> General to set the correct time zone on the blog. I usually pick “Montreal” as the closest city in the same time zone.

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Please submit your blog’s URL

Please click on the link below to submit the URL to your blog by 5pm on Friday, August 31st. Chances are we’ll have a blog all set up for you by the end of class on Thursday, August 30th, so you should make that deadline easily. Remember, to set up your blog, go to and click “Create an account,” then follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to use your GMU email address for the account.

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Welcome to the Digital Past

Be sure to check out the syllabus. Want to print out a copy? Here’s a PDF.