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Some resources for finding media you can re-use without permission

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Google Group, blog timestamps

You should have received an email invitation to join the class Google Group at!forum/hist390-002. Please join if you’d like the ability to ask (and maybe answer) questions of one another, even “What did I miss in class last Tuesday?” and the like. Also, if you’ve noticed that the timestamps on your blog are wrong, […]

Research Questions

Here are some (most) of the research questions you’re planning to explore this semester. Which of these will make good research questions? Which won’t? When was West Coast Offense developed in the NFL? How did that affect the play of the San Francisco 49ers? What is the tradition behind the marine corps parade in Washington […]

HTML practice post

This is an important header. This is a less important header. This is a paragraph. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 This is bold text. This is italic text. This is a link.

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UPDATED 9/18 WITH ADDITIONAL BLOGS UPDATED 9/4 WITH BLOG TITLES AND LINKS AS WELL AS URLS. To subscribe to the class blogs in Google Reader, use this link: Here’s the list of all blogs so far: – A Look Into the Digital Past – A Plain Hill Chronicle – Andrew Reid’s […]