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Learn to program additional resources

Here are the additional resources I mentioned today that might help you learn to program: W3Schools (teaches HTML, CSS, and many languages) Code Academy (teaches JavaScript) Remember too to check out Yahoo! Pipes if you’re interested in pulling together data from multiple sites. I’ve also fixed the broken link on the overlay features in Google […]

Tips for research

WorldCat — a catalog of catalogs. Great place to find books on your topic. I’m pro-web and pro-multimedia, but you’d be foolish to ignore books as a source of information. Mason Interlibrary Loan — use this to request books and articles not available at Mason. They will be delivered to the library. Zotero — don’t […]

More on photo verification, other links

Here are the links I mentioned today to those articles by Alexis Madrigal in The Atlantic about verifying Superstorm Sandy photos shared on social networks: “Sorting the Real Sandy Photos from the Fake” — list of photos marked Fake or Real If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Subvert ‘Em: Countering Misinformation on the Viral Web — […]